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The blog owner is running for life from sharks & waves attack. Attack level has reached level 7 in a scale of 10, and will continue to rise in no time.

Come back next time, when her tsunami is over.

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You are my sunshine :)


Black Friday

  1. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed, feeling grumpy & moodless.
  2. Did more researches on the assignment I avoided last night, but found little.
  3. Feel as if there's a huge dark cloud shielding over me all day long, worst still, pouring rain on me.
  4. Got stuck for 2 hours on KL road jam.
  5. Got scolded for the jam which was obviously not my fault.
  6. Unintentionally did something bad to a birthday "man". *I'm so so soree*
  7. Ahh... 6 of them are bad enough for a Friday like this.
  8. I shall name today my Black-Friday. Hmmp.
  9. Somebody please send me some rainbows!!!
  10. Okay enough said, back to my assignment :(



When life offers you bitter cocoa, add sugar and make chocolate out of it.

Problems is... how??

How how how... I've been asking myself this question since thesis project started, since I got my responsible part for Industrial psychology, since I'm graduating soon.

Life is pretty much different from the past now. Everything I do, it's related to the future, or for the future. Certificate is for the future, extra working skills are for the future, even assignments, we were given real life working situations to deal with. Ahhh.. brain cells also die faster :(

But on top of all these, I still think I'm lack of many. I'm not ready to enter the marketplace yet. Don't know what to expect, don't know whether my personal mission statement is workable, don't know whether my goals are really my goal.. haha.

Ouch, sounds so messy. I shall not further edit this post because it is meant to be messy. For as I'm typing it, I'm actually allocating some time for myself to run away from an assignment. Couldn't stand those stress out of it any longer. I've not slept well for many many nights, worrying and brainstorming.. Sigh... so much work yet to be done but I chose not to face them now. Am I crazy or what?

Plus point: deadline set for that particular assignment is tomorrow.

So tell me...
How to make chocolate out of bitter cocoa?