Project 1- Minor Makeover



p/s: Am trying my best to scrap off items from my to-do-list before working life officially starts next Monday.  
*scrap off Project 1* 



Toasted bread + ham + cheddar cheese + sauteed white button mushroom

Didn't expect this to be so good  :)
Looks like I'm quite a bread person lately.


Beautiful Sunday

Toasted bread, Nutella & banana


little Audrey & mama *photo not available :P*


Jacob the bf


a taste of parenthood 


Beautiful Sunday :)



Rejoice, even there's only half of a rainbow. 
For I know when it's time, my God will draw the other half for me.


Mini Oreo-Cheese :)

After going through 2 very intense interviews few days ago, I was in deep desperation for a new breath. Tones of application forms, interviewers, cold rooms and the same questions over and over again, I guess you could read my frustration.

Thank God, He reminded me of my dreams and vision, in a bookstore :)

And so, I do my part, let God do the rest. Which means, after sending off all my application forms, I let God do the rest, and I.. decided to work on a few mini Oreo-cheese, hehe. It's been a while since i last worked on desserts. Just a simple one~

Note: This is a chilled recipe (meaning no baking is involved) cause I don't have an oven.

  • a tube of Oreo
  • 200ml Emborg whipping cream
  • 250gm Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese
  • 4 spoonful of sugar (adjust according to your preference)
Not forgetting a tablespoon of vanilla essence

Before you start anything else, first set your cream cheese aside for "defrostation" purpose. Just so that when you need to blend it wouldn't be too hard for your mixer.

Split open the tube of Oreo and crush it as fine as you can. With or without its icing, completely up to you. I find not much difference though.

Spread your crushed Oreo evenly, not too much not too little.

Blend cream cheese, whipping cream, sugar and vanilla essence together until fluffy

Carefully spoon the mixture onto Oreo crusts, and chill them for at least 2 hours

Tadaaaaa~ Mini Oreo-cheese :)


Helooo Daisy~

Finally, our path joined  :)

Asia Conference 2010

Looks like I can never be an efficient blogger :)

I went to Singapore for 6 days last week to attend Asia Conference held by CHC Singapore. 

Wasn't a leisure trip, 800 of us were placed in different hostel. The probabilities of us getting either a nearer  or more comfy hostel were purely based on luck. Or perhaps how often we pray. Nah, just kidding~

I'd rate 6/10 for my hostel (Aces Lodges), thank God it was a lot better than the boyfriend's hostel *haha*, but still.. I'm too OCD about the toilets. Moreover, I couldn't slept well for most of the nights. Imagine sleeping with thin mattress and blankets which couldn't even cover your toes :'( 

Almost 0 photo was captured during the conference, cause I was on duty as an usher in most of the services. Until the finale service ended, I was so K.O-ed that I couldn't even talk. Physically exhausted but deep inside, my capacity has increased!

This was the one and only photo I managed to capture in Asia Conference, Hall 8.

People mountain people sea. 
To look for friends or members we normally have to text / call.

In all 5 days we had conference from morning till night, with breaks in between of course. Therefore, 7-11 located beside my hostel was the only store which I spent most of my time & money on.

Addicted with their instant pasta, I had it for 2 nights in a row~! Rest of my room mates got influenced, and together gether we sapu-ed all the instant pasta until there wasn't one single box left in that 7-11 :P

 During one the the breaks, we managed to try MOS burger. 
*scrapped off MOS from my to-do-list after that, mission completed :P*

Awesome beef terriyaki rice burger~
Sadly it was too tiny, only "qualify" for teatime.

Frozen strawberries which I was itching to try for the longest time!!!

Stuffed with vanilla ice cream and sealed with sugar icing.
Not bad, but I still prefer pocky~

Pocky pocky pocky from Singapore~
Can't get enough of them...

Dove chocolate which hasn't been made available in Malaysia yet,
If my backpack isn't that stuffed I'd buy more.

Lesson learnt :
Next time I'm gonna bring a luggage
Next time I'm gonna bring a water-proof toiletry bag
Next time I'm gonna bring my own blanket :'(