Don't touch my hair!!!

Since young, I hate going to hair saloons because my mom will tell the jie jie who used to cut my hair to chop it off real short, like really really short, boy hair in exact. All my "hard-kept" hair length will be gone in few seconds once I was dragged into the saloon. And you guessed it correctly, I'll cry after those hair cuts, hahaha. So the cycle goes on and on throughout my childhood:

grow hair -> *unwillingly* being dragged to the saloon -> cut hair -> super short hair -> cried -> grow hair -> *unwillingly* being dragged to the saloon.....

As I grew older, I finally got the "authority" to take care of my own hair. I happily explored coloring, highlighting, straightening and perming. Sometimes even adventurously tried out the wrong hairstyle T.T It was all good, except the fact that my natural hair texture is very fine, so whatever chemicals that I placed on my hair needed double effort on treatment repair. Likewise, whatever in-trend hairstyle that I've requested needed triple effort on styling. Ahh... those were the hazardous days.
Until two years ago, I stopped coloring my hair; One year ago, I got so sicked with hair saloons services that the frequency of me visiting one decreased drastically. I also started sticking to Asience hair product since then. 

Half year ago, I began to cut my own fringe with only TV knowledge from 女人我最大 and head knowledge observing my hairstylist from the past. The first 2 times were not very successful, but as I adventurously chop off more, I finally got what I wanted. And then I moved on to cutting the rest of my hair, trimmed them to the same length. 

So now I may have my time, money, as well as disappointment saved. Well, not to say that I do not have any disappointment cutting my own hair, but the exploration part weights heavier.

Having said that, I'm no professional yet. The best I can cut is still fringe, and the reasons of why I can easily cut my own hair without much training are because (1) my hair texture is very fine, remember? (2) I'm only cutting them to the same length, no layers or other dramas.

My essential hair-cut tools :)

Okay, my hair story hasn't end yet, haha. 

As I'd like to take full care of my hair like a mother wants to quit her job just to look after her little ones, I chose to self-color my hair. Was searching up and down for a reliable coloring product until I found Liese. Looked at its super tempting box design, I was instantly sold~

Girls being girls :P But really, Liese is from Japan, and we all know that majority of the Japanese products are good stuffs.

So, here, the outcome.

The root area is of lighter ash brown while the lower part is of darker ash. Not too bad for a first timer.

p/s: I'd still like to ask help from the saloon when it comes to curling *big time killer arggggg* / big occasions / when I am ready for a new change :)


Photoshop lesson...


Yes, photoshop lesson failed.

The bf spent one Sunday evening teaching me how to use Photoshop. So he demo demo, I couldn't understand, he demo again.. up to a point, he finished all for me haha, which were those combined photos you saw in previous post.

After he left, I tried exploring Photoshop myself. I didn't expect myself to be pro like Xiaxue , but I thought.. well combining a few photos wouldn't be a problem, yes? NO~ I tried recalling steps the bf had mentioned before but the result was nothing close. Then I began to click on every single button to explore explore a bit, guess what... I messed up the whole picture T.T

Not to say that I couldn't "un-do" those "damages", but I was just too confused with all the buttons here & there and I ended up not saving a single file. Sigh.

Therefore, for this post I do not dare to touch Photoshop anymore *for now*. I refuse to get angry over myself trying to figure out Photoshop *which I'm sure I will if I do* when I'm suppose to leisurely type out this post on a hard-earn peaceful afternoon. Yes, you read it correctly, afternoon~ I'm writting this in my office. Office pc didn't block blogspot, yay~~~

Opps, back to the topic. No Photoshop, then what? Paint, hehe. Photoshop represents university level, then Paint will be kindergarden level *hide face*. There's a Chinese saying goes like this:" Don't know how to walk want to learn how to fly", that pretty much explains my previous encounter with Photoshop, haihz. Better learn my ABCs with Paint before going into Photoshop. 
And so, I happily explored Paint until I realized its limited functions. Cannot combine photos the way I wanted it to be also :( Within 1 hour, I declared "graduation" for myself from kindy level. Didn't do much with Paint, just some color adjustments &captions added:

p/s: The bf is trying to get me another not-so-complicated-but-has-all-Photoshop-functions software. Meanwhile, I'll just bribe him to help me with any existing Photoshop problems, lalala~ 


One of the questions I often get

"Why should you devote so much time and effort for church when you barely have enough for youself?"

Proverbs 3:5
Trust in the Lord with all your hear, and lean not on your own understanding.

Because everything that God has placed in our life has a reason for it. Be it obstacles, relationship, heartache, finances, opportunity, challenges or failure. You name it.

We may not understand why, because we aren't God.
But when we get to see the big picture, we'll be glad that we've been through that all  :)


My favorite breakfast @ office

yummm... cereal bar with honey & nuts!


Notes of my Beautiful Sundays

I was never an essay person. I always believe in point forms, clear & straight to the point. If you noticed, probably only 5% of my posts were essays.

Back in my schooling days, all the nota Sejarah & Sains of mine were in point forms. During University, my favorite examiner was Ms Win Nee because she was and is (until now) the one and only lecturer who strictly prohibit her students to write in essay form, everything needs to be in point form,. Now that I'm working, I constantly find myself writing emails in point forms. So far nobody has complained about me haha~

Today, because of time constrain I've a valid excuse to exercise my favorite point form once again :)

Kissaten@Lot 10 Hutong - Pork burger - Haagen Dazs flower basket - last day being jobless

Tropicana City Mall - Honey Malt Oreo Bubble tea (current obsession!) - Despicable Me - Korean Food - short but happiest Sunday

Beef Noodle@Petaling street - KLCC - Karate Kid - Subway -  LRT anticipating Inception!

These pretty sum up my absence. Of course, there were more than these, but me.. being the Photoshop noob would need the boyfriend's assistance in every single step. I didn't manage to create more combined photos by myself :'(

So I'd better stop my lazy post here, good night peeps~


Monday Blue

Ginger tea for a sicky Monday...

I wonder when was the last time Facebook & Gmail were viewed on my pc screen. If there's something I'd like to voice out regarding my current company, it'll be the super duper slow pc & limited Internet access. Yes, not even emails and MSN. Not to mention Facebook.

Every morning, from the sardine-packed LRT to the office, from the so-called-traditional cubical to the no-jeans-tolerance dress code. I can't help but to feel amaze at the fact that I'm now living the kind of working life which I've been trying to avoid as long as my memory held me. 

Good times, praise God ; Bad times, pray  :)

p/s: the photo above was taken using Imilk without editing. Looks like taking good photos using Iphone requires luck :P