The end of.... 2010


1/2 of my December.
Christmas dinner, presents, family gatherings, food explorer, kids running around, birthday bash....

I was very tempted to not write any closing for my 2010 since it has passed for almost 3 weeks. But then I was reminded that this blog was not created mainly to gain visitors, but as my personal journal. One day, when I look back in the future, I can sigh in relieve and say:" ahhh... all these has finally came to past;"

2010 has been a completely different year for me. First, i graduated. Then, I started working. Needless to say, there comes the stress of financial independence. However, now i spend what I earn, save what i earn. The feeling is a lot better than getting money from my parents. Yes, it was tough surviving with a fresh grad's salary, but at the same time I got to learn to plan my finances wisely. Start small, and eventually when it grows, I will have no problem managing money.

Also, 2010 was full of family gatherings as compared to the years before. More meet ups with my maternal family, more kids fight, more Audrey, more good food, more sofa talks, more toys encounter (mostly Dominic's toys @.@), more adults getting crazy with the kids' play, more cleaning after the kids played, and more bond~

Not only would I like to thank God for his blessings in my career & family, but also my relationship with Jacob the soulmate. We've gone through so many ups and downs, we rubbed shoulders among ourselves, but in the end we were also the only one who could comfort each other. All these good & bad moments have shaped us to become a better partner. Thank you soulmate for always standing by my side, rain or shine :)

Another section of  VIPs
Of course, these are not the only things I feel grateful for for the past 12 months. Thank God for ministry growth, awesome CG & church members, last but not least, my BFFs who are ever ready to share joy & burden. This section may seems to be shorter but that's because I am rushing to get myself a shower now, lol. I assure you that all these people have been playing different yet important roles in my life, until now.

A million thanks to daddy God & those who've made my 2010 was a memorable one. Now I can kick start my 2011 post, well hopefully :P


Long lost treasures

While i was doing spring cleaning just now... yes, on a Saturday morning. Not because I have had enough sleep, but after doing all the laundry I suddenly have the urge to clean my room, especially all its cupboards & wardrobe.

Okay where was I? ah.. while i was doing speing cleaning, i found my long lost treasures:

See these shiny "bejeweled" hair clip bows? They were like my Iphone or maybe LX5 back in the 1990s where I was still a child. By saying this,  i feel so old mature already. haha.

They were so precious for a small girl like me, that i kept them in a hidden place in my room. Until spring cleaning was done, everything being opened & raided, I finally found them again. I'm surprised that they look just as new as how I remembered them to be.

The funny thing is, I tried to recall where these little things are few months ago. Did i gave them to someone? Did i threw them away when i was in my teenage? Or did I kept them somewhere in my room that I have yet to discover?

Now I know the answer :)

So start raiding/ spring clean your room. Who knows you might find something. CNY is coming real soon anyway you don't want your mom to scream:" CLEAN YOUR SMELLY ROOM RIGHT NOW" at the very last minuet right?

I'm glad I did~

p/s: I know I should be writing about Christmas, new year eve, or at least some new year resolutions. But that will be another long post I suppose. Maybe tonight :)