Me miss Audrey :(

Audrey: 姨姨, can I eat this?

Audrey: please? *open mouth*

Cheryl: cannot, its too hard for Audrey.
Audrey: hmmm.....

Audrey: okay I'll make it my new toy then.


Had Amazing race last Sunday:

Looked very fresh & excited from the beginning :)

And then we became like this @.@

At last, like this -.-
Couldn't feel my legs for 3 days after that crazy race, lol..

Btw, my team got the 2nd place, wohoo, bravo~


Me likey Pepper Lunch, particularly their rice series :)
Imagine beef stripes, butter, rice& corns, slurpssss~

Okay I'm hungry now :(
Do give it a try the next time you're in Pavillion.

p/s: I see light, but it doesn't belong to me...


Thesis presentation

Last night:
1. was driven crazy by my gan jiong-ness
2. busy phoning my smart friends to confirm what SPSS tests to run for thesis
3. disturbed another smart friend on MSN regarding the same matter -.-'''
4. continuosly practised my presentation until my brother feel like asking me to shut up, haha
5. edited the slides over & over again

This morning:
1. steadily drove to Uni
2. suprised by Wisma HELP's new token system
3. realized I FORGOT to print out my slides for the co-marker *insert thunder sound effect*
4. ran up level 9 to print the slides
5. after I clicked the "print" button, the staff immediatly closed the printing booth leaving me stunned on the ground @.@
6. hopelessly ran down to my presentation venue.. haihz
7. found that the co-marker didn't use projecter *meaning I MUST print out the slides for him*
8. ran up to level 9 again, praying hard for the printing booth to be opened
9. yay, the booth was opened gain!!! printed my slides, ran back to my venue
10. *grasping for breath*
11. went in to present
12. my co-marker is really a nice man, needless to say, everything went on well :)
13. I'd rate myself 13/15 for thesis presentation, hohoz..
14. freaked out by Wisma HELP's parking rate. It increased 3 times higher!!!
15. woah, such a long list... are you still reading? haha...

After thesis presentation:
1. finally got time to cut finger nails, hehe

2. Did a little makeover for Blacksugar. A rough idea first, will update bout this when I found more materials.

3. Re-arange all books to get prepared for next semester. Woah, didn't realize I own so many books...

Of all subjects I've least interest on Counseling. Their theories are way too subjective.

Hah... I used to be very hardworking last time :P
4. Found my mini poladroid!!!!!

5. Able to sleep soundly without worrying anything :)

p/s: last wave attack: thesis 1 report.


Mission 1 completed~

After completed my last paper for this semester, I bathed Tofu.

Yeap, you read it correctly, don't need to keep rubbing your eyes la. No tv no Internet no sleeping, but bathing Tofu was the first thing I did after finals.

Scrub scrub scrub till I breathless, sigh.... sign of maturity.

See~~~ My Tofu is so leng zai again, hohoz.
Btw I'm not behind bars ok, these are door grills.

Anyway, I've fulfilled my exercise quote for today after bathing Tofu, wohoo~~

I'm sooooo happie, even better than going to gym :)

*messy hair la, baru finished bathing Tofu what do you expect right...*


没方向 没基础 没保障的快乐
不能希望 不能寄托 不能期望的快乐



My wish:

to have dinner serve at Delicious every night.
*say NO to cater food :p*

p/s: Let's welcome Potter & the Cullens, wohoo~~~


Of pictures..

What happens when you over-use your brain?
I don't know bout you, but I'll feel hungry.

And so, when I was hungrily studying Ethics last night, Ar Liang *my cell member* sent me these:

If I didn't required for the food guess I couldn't recognize what are these, hahaha.

Still, better than nothing. Thank you, all cell members who showed concern when I'm battling with sharks and waves :)

Ah... one more. When I got so bored with Ethic's revision/procrastinating/about to open Facebook, I received this 5 years old drawing from Sharon Kong. haha. Don't believe me okay, I mean... the 5 years old part.

Was very surprised to receive this from her but nevertheless, it made my day :)
Needless to say, I continued with Ethic's revision *sambil on Facebook, haha*

  • 10 hours to Ethics paper
  • 5 days to Exceptional Children paper
  • 10 days to Thesis 1 presentation
  • 1 month to Thesis 1 report submission

p/s: 我想抚平你的伤口