Save file & Restart~

今天穿上t-shirt, 直筒牛仔裤,帆布鞋再加个背包,整幅走天涯的样子塔Lrt下了趟茨厂街 :)

  1. 寻找明年用的organizer
  2. 换取快过期的礼券
  3. 做批发价的research

在最不起眼的地方最容易找到好吃的食物,像这个位于巴刹(market)前面的面档就卖了很赞的 asam laksa & curry mee.




自从进HELP Uni后,我学会用organizer来为自己安排/记录生活上的点滴。至今已经变成了一种习惯。有了它,生活不会乱七八糟~

To end 2009, I've more than 100 things to thank God for. Hence, I shall thank God for everything in my life.

Every single human, every surprise, every meal, every material stuff, every disappointment, every blessing, every scolding, every opportunity, every weather, every good hair day, every shopping day, every battle, every shark & wave, every misunderstanding, and everything.

If it wasn't for all these everything, I would probably not be who I am today, and I'm glad to be who I'm now, haha. Sounds a bit confusing yea? Anyhow, 2009 has been a good year for me, I'd classify it as 1 of the best years in my life.Not only did I completed all my new year resolutions, but beyond :)

Now, I'm all ready for 2010, what bout you?


All in one~

Woah, I've been MIA for quite some time~

I bet most of you will not realize this post because nobody clicks on cheryldotlee.blogspot.com to check whether there's any update anymore :'(

There were so much to update but I just didn't have the time previously. Ever since final ended on the 15th, today is the first day I've time to really sit down and have all my deep thoughts typed out. And so, this post alone will covers my entire December :)

Hmm... where should I begin? Okie let's start with the last final paper shall we? The moment I stepped out of my last battlefield, I was attacked by various viruses, resulted in sore throat, fever, bone pain & headache :(

Having said that, I still went to snowflake with my classmates because it was all planned. Have to celevrate our last paper right right :P

Without having much time to rest, I worked my head off for:

Cell group Christmas party + Christmas in a box...

Spend time with Little Audrey :)

Bpsych's prom night

Attempted to shoot like 珠光宝器 hahaha~

Awesome IO members

Bodyguards of that night :P

Now you see me...

Now you don't~
For more photos log onto FB.

And then from prom straight to Christmas services...

Now you know where did my sleep debt came from hor :P

Last bus-waiting at HELP *hopefully*

I'm considered a graduate provided all 4 papers of mine can pass. Results will be released this coming January. Fingers crossed, I'll pass I'll pass~

Farewell classmates, may our paths be a bright one in the future. University life has finally came to a full stop. The real battle has just begin- worklife.

Recent addiction: bomboozle in FB & crunchy cookies *courtesy of Allen the boss* :)


3 more battles to go...

Heloo people~
Greetings from Chillax cafe :)

Thesis defense had just ended 2 hours ago, it was a smooth one. None of my worries became reality, despite having stomach cramp since last night. Everything was pretty much better than expected.

If I were to point out any flaws.. it'll be the tele-conference *because my co-marker is still at US*. They said it's tele-conference, but it was just simply web-cam, some more it was web-cam between my supervisor and co-marker only, duh~ Meaning I could only listen to my co-marker's feedback through speaker, very blury kind of quality.

Above all these, my thesis battle can now be labeled "full stop". Close file. Forever.

Countdown for 3 final battles:
  • Learning disability paper: less than 24 hours
  • Career guidance paper: 2 days
  • Industrial /Organization psychology paper: 6 days
Okie, time to prepare for tomorrow's battle.
All the best, classmates :)

p/s: my schedule after finals is still so pack, when can I fulfill my sleep debt T.T


why your CGPA so low wan?

our b.psych standard is so high,

but the uni name *HELP* is not that high,
we get average result suppose to be very good result in other uni"

(Wan, 2009)

p/s: battle officially ends on the 15th. Bye bye sharks~ Bye bye waves~