This afternoon....

we paid a visit to Tenji since Benny said this month got promotion. Instead of 79.90 you can have their lunch buffet at only 49.90! Valid within March only.

How nice right? Being the gluttons *Benny & I* we volunteered to be the white mices to test test first, hohoz..

Catherine joined. Together we tak sabar-sabar wanted to try the food~

Finally seated. I think we got a nice table cause our seats were placed in the center of all counters, wohoo~

So what does this teach you? To make reservations earlier la :)

The gluttons vowed to be on diet after this.

In case you're waiting to see photos of food focus till super fine like that, soree to dissapoint you, I only have this one to summarize all *I tak sabar-sabar wanted to eat, remember?*

Girls on the next table. The professional buffet eaters I tell you~

I drank a lot of coconut water ended up having stomach ache till now, ish!

Their beef really tasted good!

Typical desserts. I like the round one *without strawberry please*

Wrap up: Everything was so so only. I'd rate it 2.5/5
Perhaps promotions "degraded" their food quality :(

p/s: The glutton shall keep her promise now, don't ask her for another round of buffet cause she might pretend like she never made that vow.



If you had read Sharon Bee's blog, I suggest you to skip mine *vise versa* because 70% of the content is likely to be the same, lol. Yeap, we celebrated Amy's belated birthday this afternoon at Delicious.

I wouldn't crap much tonight, let the photos do the saying :)
*am actually typing fast so that I can hit the bed asap, tomorrow 8am class @.@*

My fav photo of the day :)

Outfit of the day:
grey cardigan: Seed
white tank top: P.A
high-waist skirt: Bangkok
gold necklace: Bangkok

I think you noticed something right... I've gained weight *A LOT* T_T
I'm all prepared to lose weight, after tomorrow's Tenji Buffet, hohoz...
*Bell, I don't care bout your warning already cause I bet you wouldn't sampai hati to really cut your hair :P*

Till then, good night peeps~






Sharks & waves attack are almost over..

Was raining cats & dogs after class this afternoon. Total disaster for us who parked far far away from lecture hall.

All wet. yeap. ALL. Even got umbrella also useless cause the wind was blowing strong. Thus, instead of dropping the raindrops came from side @.@

*still, thank you Brandon for the unbrella, you've finally done something good, haha... kidding*

My mood was very good *despite being wet & all that* because we got to eat Ikea meatballs with potato gravy + Daim cake.

Yumm... I'm starting to miss the potato gravy again T_T

Siew Yean:" Must eat accordingly, first maincourse *meatballs* then dessert *Daim cake*."

Cheryl:" I dont care, attack dessert first!"

Benny:" Cheers~"
Purposely do cheers to avoid the camera, clever-nya...

My afternoon was well spent :)

On a sidenote, I've finally fulfilled church's building pledge, yay~~~ x100
Though the bank account is left with little but deep inside I'm elated :)

Another sidenote, I'm on shopping ban till my Jakarta & Bandung trip is being confirmed *finger crossed*





Assessment 过了几个钟但我还在反复思考可以怎样改进,



外加对questionnaire development 的知识。

p/s: thank you all *my* 311 group members :)


I'll have....

  • a 1.5 hour oral defense / assessment with Dr Hera tomorrow.
  • to try my best finishing discussion part for lab report within 24 hours so that other members can do the final edition.

My mind was working like a split-brain the entire day, couldn't focus on neither assessment nor lab report. Ah... must be those nervous bugs, they're back.

Please keep me in your prayer tonight :)


Bye soon, number 21st

You know how people start counting their ages each year as their birthdays pass/ going to pass? I'm sadly one of them now, sigh. Welcome to the club Cheryl T_T

In about a month time my 21st year of life will be expired, there comes 22nd, sigh. Though sometime I will jokingly remind my friends about present *in a way I'm now reminding you bout present again, muahaha* but deep inside I'm not happie with the number: 22.

22 indicates more responsiblities, more achievements, stable relationships, and the list goes on.... Believe it or not, the mama has been urging me not to be so "picky" anymore @.@

Mama, it's better to be safe than sorry. This sounds a bit wrong but you probably get what I mean right? lol.

Looking back at my life, there'r still lots of things which I should have done but the fact is, I've not done any of them yet. Not to say that I'm regret with whatever I've done but definitely, I could have and should have achieve more than what I've today.

In other words, my life has not reached the standard I'm longing for, which explain why I'm afraid of aging :(

Anyhow, let's hope for the best in.....say, months to come.

I miss the 20th Birthday, when everything seemed to be on the right track at that moment...



连续2天逛Daiso, 收获良多。尤其是跟妈妈去的今天,呵呵。



My new shopping bag :) 以往都习惯把付钱后的“战利品”放进包包,不拿朔料袋。一来环保,二来嘛......买了东西也不容易被妈妈发现 :p

不过Daiso卖的shopping bag实在太难以抗拒*太可爱了*,加上包包也常装不完我买的东西,所以买它是绝对正确的选择*死都要为自己找借口*

妈,你怎么这样啦 T_T

话说回来,响应环保,人人有责 :)
请开始减少使用朔料袋 & 朔料便当盒。


对它一见钟情,不买会睡不着 @.@

最后一站:Cold storage

谢谢赞助商妈妈 :)



Rush period is over, phew~~~
1 more lab report & visual display then I'm all ready for holiday!!! Opps, I mean....final T_T

Sadly, when I'm a bit free now Benjamin Button is no longer available at ALL cinema *BIG sigh*

Btw, I found this picture a coincident:
Ngam ngam captured all of us which was not my intention in the first place. I just wanna take a photo of TseMun *the 1 with pillow* & HuiLing.

The 4 of us rushing Forensic psy group assignment till the next morning *while Brandon was SLEEPING*. He better sees this, lol. Just so he knows he owes us Jogoya, hohoz.

p/s: I'm glad my 6th sense was accurate this morning o/w today's assignment submission process will be even more troublesome @.@


37 hours


These are what I got after staying awake for more than 37 hours @.@

I'm super.duper.quaduple sleepy T_T

3 assignments due in 1 single week,
seriously, things couldn't be crazier than this.

How am I gonna stay awake when tea/ coffee/ even red bull
also couldn't help?

Worst to the worst I'll need to pinch myself to stay awake
till 206 is done. Turnitin better be working fast :(
*zombie in process*



I use to love Poladroid and even owned one during high school. But its films are too expensive to afford for a teenager like me back then. So I stopped using it after a while.

Guess my Poladroid is collecting dust somewhere around the corner of the house *guity aww..*

Now, Polaroid effect photos aren't expensive to produce anymore :) Thanks to http://poladroid.net/

Where I am most of the time. Where all the assignments were produced.

Can you imagine how lifeless I've been recently? With Books, Blacksugar *lappie*, organizer, assignments...

I'm stuck in this little compound everyday. Typing & reading *and ranting, haha*

Fortunately, I still have this to keep the brain working :)

I miss you girls lots. Miss our outtings & eating sessions.

Soree Bee, it's been ages but I still have not collected things you brought for me from Bangkok. Perhaps this week yea?

Soree Bell, for not being by your side when you need me, for not being able to spend quality time with you when you were down.

But one thing for sure, I'm always listening though I didn't reply. I'm always here for you to rely on.

老兄, how's things going on over UK? This was both of us during 2007. Time flies isn't it? Im looking forward to a better us in 2010 :)

How can I not miss these food-stuffing sessions?

And vacations~ These were the good old days.

Aww... my cutie pies~

Those blissful days...things will never be the same again.