Test test Brunch

Many of you are not aware that I'm having a week's break right now. I'd consider this as a hard-earned holiday, when I resume back to work, my assignments &  responsibilities in the company will be doubled or tripled. That will be next Monday's Monday blue.

Not having to worry about the alarm clock & cooking breakfast. I never knew these 2 simple things would be such a bliss until working life started.  

So this morning, I dig out the mom's old oven that has been abandoned for like... 10 years, and tested it by doing a simple breakfast.

Good news: the oven is still working very well.
Bad news: well, a few. Firstly, I forgot to time myself, resulting in these blackened bread corners & overcooked egg. Secondly, my bread frame failed. So there you see, egg spilted over the baking sheet :(


On a more positive side, the overcooked egg has a crunchy texture and the herbs made my brunch tasted awesome~

I need more practice :P

Rainbow in my fridge

Every time I think of the box of macaroons I received last week, it makes my heart pumps in joy~~~

Still can't decide which color to start with, maybe let me just finish off those broken ones first. I'm a person who keeps the best till the last.

p/s: Special thanks to cell group W26, Chelsea & Mr Biscuit.

Apple family

From left : the aunt, the cousin & the bf.

Our family topic is no longer about our other relatives but : "when is Ipad 2 arriving ah?" or "I heard Iphone 5 coming soon!"

And the kids:" when is my turn to play the ipad ah?"

me: "when can I have my macbook air ah?"

For sure, our mindset towards Apple has changed much since our parent's generation :)


When it comes to medication....

I have zero tolerance :(
Probably related to some childhood trauma.  

So yea, the ratio will always be:
 1 pill VS a pool of honey. 

And the place to make this happen will as usual be:
beside the basin. Just in case I puke everything out.

Been down with fever & swollen gum for a week, thank God I got better this morning. Can't imagine having to go through this ratio & basin thing for another day.

Can I have my bubble tea already?