Another season in life

Hello peeps, greetings from home, haha :)

Referring back to my last post, I think instead of having no "kick" to blog, I'm now more to no "stamina" for blogging any longer because working life had officially started last week.

All I can think of after work is to go home, bath & sleep~ Which explains why you don't get to see me much at night on msn or fb.

My work place, me like it neat & tidy *except for rush hour hehe*

Ahh...not forgetting to mention about my encounters with all the macs in office, they got on my nerves the first few days but after a while.. now I feel very use to macbook instead of Blacksugar.

I have the urge to roll my cursor to the bottom or corner whenever I'm looking for something T.T

I love my workplace, with lots of food, macs, and funny little things.
I love its flexibility that most formal organizations fail to offer.

Most importantly, I love the freedom of casual dressing~ wohoo~

Having these funny colleagues actually make the office a pleasant workplace.

This is the boss. See his "pattern" already know right?
Our entertainer :P

Now this isn't my new colleague. She's the latest addition in my maternal family.

Such a pretty sweetheart :)