2008: wrap up

My 2008 started in a horrible way, proceeded with endless busy days but ended happily :)
Let's do a remarkable summary of 2008:

Beginning of the year, I was still under darkest period in life.
Which explain why my long hair was chopped off without valid reasons :(
Watched a great concert of 星光一班,
*right before a coursework was due*
absolutely awesome~

Received the most yummy cuppacakes in my entire life.
*thank you*

Got my new black sugar!!!
Life was getting better & better back then.

Worked for 8TV during semester break~
Great exposure...

Involved in Emerge 08's beauty pagaent after that,
a stepping stone for me in all area of life.

Sent away 老兄& Ling Chih to UK around September,
with a heavy heart~
Did human service together with the coursemates,
and then realized how lucky was I to be born in a normal family.
Battled with assignment after assignment,
finals after mid terms.
Days couldn't be worser than that...
Was given the opportunity to be part
of H-factor during November.
*Hannah Tan's event*
My happiest moment *grin*
I actually blush everytime she gets close to me~

A pleasant way to end 2008 + our year 2
with Ipoh trip & PD trip.
Weren't any luxurious trips,
but the companion was what I treasure.
Aww.... this one this one...
Amy's December marriage :)
OMG I just realized the total cost of these 3 Christmas gifts
is more than enough to fly me over to Bangkok + Bali...
Huhuz... it's ok I still feel extremely blessed~
Last but not least,
would like to wish everyone a very blessed 2009.
May laughter be with you all the time :)
*laugh like how I did above after finished reading k*
*evil grin*


我最幸福的事 当过你的天使...











我坚持的 都值得坚持吗?
我所相信的 就是真的吗?
如果我敢追求 我就敢拥有吗?
而如果都算了 不要呢?


幸福的抉择 i do?

为Christmas Production忙的时候,
属于我的昨天之前的结局 我决定我的决定...
属于我们点点滴滴的伤心 我们要各自忘记...

在此也要恭喜Johnson & Amy :)
Amy, 我们之间第1位出嫁的同学,


hohohoz~ *Santa's infamous intro*

Christmas production was over~
Praise God everything ran smoothly though there was minor mistakes :)
Thanks to pastor Kevin, Esther & all the cast I've a memorable Christmas Eve + Christmas.

But I guess I was too exhausted after so many days of long night drives that I've to slap *as in slap really hardly* myself on the face to keep me from falling asleep while driving home after the last service this afternoon.

This part was hard I tell you, how possibly can one restrain herself from falling asleep? No matter how hard I tried my eyelids still slipped down. From outside the car probably looked like it was driven by a drunkass, lol.

Anyhow I'm still safely home.

First thing I did the moment I stepped into the house was to remove whatever on my face and then doooooooomm~ hit the bed~

Ever since Christmas production's practise started I've been feeding myself with fast food every night cause there's no other options when you're having your dinner at 11/12pm, no wonder gain weight la, sigh...

Never mind, diet after Christmas...opps! Christmas is already over.
Ok I'll follow the diet plan starting from 2009 *just to comfort self,eheh*.
p/s: I'm in love with Edward Cullen *twilight*~


Merry Christmas~

Will you immediately click away my page if I say this third post is still gonna be all words?

It's the second week of holiday but I still get not enough rest @.@
Been busy with Amy's wedding + church's christmas production I'm running 2 ways from Sentul/KL to Sunway for few days.

Worst part was.... driving on KL roads with billions of impatience drivers :(
Best part? To be part of the drama team for Christmas production *wink*

Speaking bout Christmas, I noticed mom bought my brother a brand new PSP 2 days ago, my brother was so hang fuk right? That was what I thought as well at first, I even plan to hint my mom to buy me a Nintendo, hehe.
*what to do, siblings competition mer, lol*

Sadly, this 3 days old PSP was robbed yesterday :(
Not only his PSP, even his cash & latest handphone was... puff~ gone...
According to my brother, he & his partner were robbed by a Malay guy who came into their shop with parang knife, thus they had to surrender all their belongings & cash.

I feel very heartache for the money my mom has spent on it, sigh.
Bye bye PSP, bye bye future Nintendo~~~

So be super careful & alert wherever you go my friends,
our country's safety is decreasing everyday there'r no others to protect you but yourselves.

Okay I gotta go prepare myself now,
Christmas production is tonight 9pm & tomorrow morning 10.30am.
Venue: City Harvest Church *opposite of Monash Uni*

Have a blessed Christmas :)



I don't know how you did it...

Because you are never what I wanted in life,
yet something of you remained so strongly on my mind...


Appetizer, the best way to start

Hello I'm back to Blogspot ~
*again* @.@

Reasons are simple:
1. Xanga is lagging all the time *though I still heart Xanga a lot, sigh*
2. I need a space free of parental supervision, lol...

Hopefully I will not have to move anymore, figuring out a whole new blog is really killing me,
especially I'm such a noob when it comes to HTML and stuffs like that.

All right I guess the first post will always be the most boring post ever, haha...
More to come :)