Finally KO-ed...

Been on MC for the past 2 days, I feel like throwing up all the time. Only has appetite for red bean milk tea.

Sigh, I don't want to spend my weekend on the bed doing medication T.T


Don't judge a shoe by its cover

Then how to buy shoe?
To be honest, I've been asking this question for the longest time *role eyes*

Whatever shoes I bought, 8 out of 10 of them will bite me. Better still, the remaining 2 which don't bite are slippers. Sigh. That's why I don't fancy buying shoes. And that's why most of the time I'll be seen in the same pair.

However, shoe being shoe, they will get teared apart someday. Especially when you do distance walking everyday, like me. So, a few pairs of comfy shoes of mine have been ripped off their base ever since working life started.

I couldn't explain how panicked (more like.. pain in heart) I was seeing them got broken one by one. Part of me feeling broken-hearted, another part of me was worried what if I cannot discover other comfy shoes? Am I going to allow my feet to be bitten every single day? wear slipper throughout all occasion? store up plasters at all time? or just walk with my bare feet? 

I was so desperate for another pair of comfy shoe that I walked from office to Pavillion, to Isetan, to Sungai Wang after work, hoping to find my feet another good carrier. 

Guess what, I found none. But because I was so desperate, I settled for a I'd-give-it-a-try-shoe from Vincee. The shoe wasn't exactly comfy, but it is made out of good leather (reasonable pricing too). I tried it on and did some walking around the shop. It was all good, except that its back part has some rubber thing attached so that particular part was a little tight.

Looked all angelic and decent, I was so convinced to buy it. In fact, I actually did.

That was my BIGGEST mistake!!!!! It bites It bites!!!!

After walking for 10minutes from the LRT to my office, I ended up with 2 dissimilar Doremon plasters and a sinked heart T.T

Oh gosh.. now I can only pray for my cotton crocs (yes, the one being accidentally ran into a pool of rain water) to survive longer.


No~ I don't know....

2/3 of my office drawers are filled with food.

Now it makes perfect sense of why I haven't been stepping on the weighing scale for quite some time.

I'm afraid that what if the weighing scale reveals a number which my brain cannot accept, I'll get stress. Stress... then eat more T.T

So, what they said was true, some things are best remain unknown.

I shall stop buying, but continue eating the existing food *still in denial*


Chatime II

After drinking Chatime on an almost-daily basis, I've concluded that I like Red Bean Milk Tea the most :) 

And these were not the total cups of what I've drank for the past 2 weeks, how laa like this....

It's like my daily dose of caffeine, soaddictiveitellyou....

Few days ago, the soulmate was telling me to fast sugar for 1 day, I bet now he's going to say:" Honey, fast the whole month~" T.T


stand there and watch me burn...

My stomach has been upset since morning, I hope it will get better later.

I'm leaving the office at 5pm. sharp. In other words, just in a few minutes time. My mind has been blank the whole day. Heartache is so severe for the don't-know-how-many times.

How many times do I need to deal with all these? I thought I was out of the hole, but looks now I've just fallen deeper... It's a path less taken, but nothing extraordinary happens.

They said, it is during difficult times that you'll get to see through a person. Agreed.

Now, its time for me to leave. I'm gonna stroll around KL before heading home. Let some walking clear my mind off.