September Babies II *completed*

Happie birthday to Sharon Bee :)
Same goes to Johnson & Vincent Teh who share the same date.

Before I continue, I shall give you a birthday kiss first *ignore Dic Wai* muackkkksss~

Dined @ Bubba Gump, the Curve.

Our food~ Made out of mostly... shrimps~
Cheryl's slogan: never say no to (fresh)shrimps!!!
haha.. If you know me well, you'll know I'm a shrimp freak :P

Johnson & Bee were asked to stand on chairs, while a super looooooong birthday song was being sang to them.

*I was a bit freaked out actually because the servers kinda forcefully insisted them to stand*

Say heloo to little Ireen :)

and her happie family.

Weeeee~ so cheeky I wanna pinch her~

Sigh.. All of a sudden..I feel very grown up @.@


Penang + Langkawi trip 2009

As the title suggests, this post will be talking about my Penang + Langkawi trip with the coursemates last semester break, around August.

Why so back-dated? Hah... all thanks to CK the photographer and his perfectionist attitude :P Ahh... this reminds me of someone. OK, out of topic.

Back to the trip, I'll let these photos do the narrating job *rushing for tmr's meeting* in a random order.

My bolster which I carried around all the time during the trip, haha~

Seems like all good architects invested their work in Penang...

The van we rented to walk all over Langkawi...

Burning hot in the afternoon, freezing cold at night.

We walked a lot...

Stopped at random seasides...

Er... took lots of photos.. haha..

Celebrated Ting Ting's 21st birthday @ Langkawi.

Climbed hundreds & thousands of stairs...

Visited Penang Hill...

I know, you don't want to look at photos with human anymore right, lol. Let's proceed to the infamous Penang food then.

This one must review bout it, something special.
prawn mee gravy + lam mee gravy.
Thick & slurpyyy~~

Fried chicken skin.
my sinful craving, ahhhhhhhh~~~

My favourite Ritter SPORT :)
okay, this isn't Penang food, but still food right, hehe.

Weeee... cannot tahan Langkawi's weather.

Family portrait :)


Sunday CG outting~

After Sunday morning church service the members were still very gungho *while I was still a sleepy pig*~ haha. So off we went outting at Red box, Sunway.

During the start, everyone was quietly sitting...

And then it became like this...
Soon enough...

We were all very high, lol~

The guys were not over it yet :P
Next session, lepak @ Kepong's park.

Since Liang brought his DSLR along, ngek ngek...
how can we not capture some memories right~

Liang: " Jump higher Cheryl!!!"

Liang: "Aiyor, don't jump so high Vernard~"
*this is the downside of being too tall, lalala~*

Okay, finally a decent shot, haha. I look as if I've a huge tummy though. Haiyer... don't care laa. Must post it up because we had so much fun, despite some tiredness caused by too much.. er... jumping~

I bet you'd have noticed that my poses are almost the same, hehe.

Photo of the day :)

I feel like doing this lately, outfit photo :)

purple sweater: issue.com
grey tank: seed
black tights: random sungai wang shop
white tote: Jakarta
white flats: crocs
long necklace: F 21

p/s: should I do Korean perm on my hair?