Short trip to the City of Lion

Bad news peep, I've lost my "kick" to blog recently :(

But since photos taken in Singapore were uploaded few days ago... well, let me just narrate a little.

To be frank, 3 days 2 nights were way too rushy for a city trip cause there're so much to explore. I'll be back in 1 or 2 months time, wohoo~

Traveling around Singapore is easy peasy. MRT can bring you to every corner of this little country, not forgetting to mention how easy is it to get a cab here. Aww... their cabs are even more comfy than my own car :P

Random shoots *everywhere is so clean back in Singapore*

Bugis street, where most of my bargains came from, hehe.

China town

You'll be surprise to find out that this is actually a washroom in the market/pasar.

My gosh... clean to the max, I wonder if Singaporean has OCB *which is something real good, hehe*. Majority of their washrooms are like this, made me felt so worth it to pay the 10 cent entry fees.

Washroom in Great World City mall.

Shows you they really take care of their washrooms eh? Which is something we Malaysian needs to buck up :)

Me likey their Muji store, should have got my 2010 planner from Muji :(

Never mind, next year then.

Now, this is my hyperactive cousin, Dominic.

He's grown up so much. With Ang moh features but knows how to listen & speak cantonese + mandarin, I find this combination quite cute :)

"hard-earn photo", haha.. cause he usually runs away before you can capture any.

My bargains :)

The mom asked:" how come bought so little only?"
I'm glad she said so, this indicated there's second round *laugh*.

p/s: no photos of food in this post, not my usual? I lost my appetite during this trip but still weight the same though, haha~



Joke of the day:

C :my nose feels very tired today.
F : huh? how come?
C: I've running nose.
F : .............................

hehe :P

I'm off to Singapore tomorrow morning, hopefully they will not suspect me of having H1N1.

Happie holiday :)