Thanks for your patient,
the blog owner is now back on her page to jot down some random stuffs happened so far :)


Deng deng deng deng~
This is Amy's new born baby girl, little Ireen :)
Very very tiny.

贞霓's mini poladroid reminded me of my long abandoned Coloursplash.

Anyone interested with this piece of antique? I plan to sell it away.


My face was infected with don't-know-what few days ago. The whole face was covered with some kind of pimple-look-alike-but-not-pimple thingy. SCARY.

Look at the amount of medicine I got from the skin specialist @.@ Thank God my face recovered like... 80% before HTV's shoot, phew~


Of all seasons, I love Summer the most because the...


and floras are back!!! yay~~~


1 of Pavilion's food court stalls *the 1 right opposite of Tony Romas* serves yummy fried prawn noodle.

Ah... another food report, hehe. Now you know why I gained so much weight.
Behind Kepong's Carefour there's this Nelson Tan @ 鸟生蛋cafe which serves awesome dessert. I can only recommend you its dessert because I've never tried their main course before.

Coconut jelly something...

This is the 1 I STRONGLY urge you to try. Jeng betul! Me alone can finish 2 portions every time I visit the cafe. Priced at RM 3.90 per portion, worth the money.

I'm not advertising k, really good stuff baru recommend :)

Cut it off and be welcomed with thick flow of warm chocolate sauce. Slurps~


I'm a coconut head again, ouch!! @.@ Pray for my fringe to grow fast please, cannot tahan its length at the moment.


My new love,
Friday Nintendo :)
*Friday is my fav day, hohoz*

p/s: "If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's, we'd grab ours back", Regina Brett.


  1. Wow. Amy is really young... So Fast kena *ahem* already.

  2. Leonard: ppl really has the intention to build up a family ok. I also wish to have kids at such young age. Smaller generation gap.

  3. yes i agree! :)

    love your bangs! they make you look so cute and sweet :)

  4. Careen: Thanks dear :) You are one of the minorities who gav me compliment. The rest was laughing at my coconut head @.@

  5. no whole face le...just cheek near ur eye there..
    take care always

  6. Does 'laughing at ur coconut hair' includes me,0_o??Wel, I didn't notice u when we just met at Johnson's house that day. Until before I left Amy's place, I saw a cute hair.....d:

  7. O well. I would love to Build a family at younger age as well. But it's just.. u know...weird.

  8. Hey! nelson tan main course oso good leh, nearby my house only xD