The more I blog-hopped...

the more I realized teenagers nowadays are of no difference with us, young adults. Amazing isn't it? Before I go deeper into this topic let me first make clear the definitions of teenagers & young adults.
  • Teens = age 13-19
  • Young adults = age 20-25

Of course, this is purely my personal definition. No offence if you're 21 yet still consider yourself as a teenager alright.

Ok back to the topic. So I said I realized teenagers nowadays are of no difference with the young adults. They are in trend, they shop for branded stuffs, they make up *even better than you and I*, they wear pupil enlargement lens, they have the latest gadgets, they dine in fancy restaurant, they are seen in many of those junkyard sales, they club... you name it.

Viewing their fancy life I couldn't help recalling mine. Heh, not that I'm being envy or pitiful towards my teenage life but I'm just amazed at how different the world has become. During my time back then, it was either tuition at Kasturi/ Perfection, at school or at home. I learnt how to survive with 200 bucks per month, Tees, jeans & sneakers were my fashion. Hmm... maybe some skirts once in a blue moon. The only gadget I owned was a lao ya Nokia 3330. Makeup? what's makeup? lol...

Seems like the world is spinning faster and faster. Technologies bloomed like mushrooms after rain, roads have got more cars day after day, people are dying fast at the same time, people are maturing fast.

Now I wonder... in the future, will my kids ask for Adidas/ Crocs when I bring them to Bata? Will they throw their tantrums when lunch's at McDonald's and not Carls Jr? Will they buzzed me to buy Oreo instead of Hup Lee butter biscuit? Will they drag me into GAP/ Guess kids instead of kikilala?

Aduh... future kids.... *shake head*...

So tell me again, how many kids do you want in the future?

p/s: still, I'm thankful that my mama didn't spoilt me when I was younger. Otherwise I'll never know how to appreciate things I've now :)


  1. ya lo ya lo..
    kids nowadays~~
    i got only RM 60 a month back then (wonder how i become a big spender today, suppressed too much i guess, hahaXD)
    and i got 3310, heh..
    guess we are of the same era, lol~

  2. u r beautiful d, no need make up lo...
    others are not.
    u can suit every clothes,simply wear already look nice...
    others are not.

  3. RM200/month???!??Tat's alot!!I only had RM20/day inclusive petrol~- -'
    Btw, 3330 is very good 10years back..I had a T10..lol